Work permits in Poland – qualifying work

On January 23, 2011, in Work permits, by Kalina Jaroslawska

Lawyers and law makers adore definitions and they couldn’t do without one with respect to work permits, either 🙂

The definition of qualifying work under work permits regulations is broad and covers:

  • regular work under an employment contract;
  • other gainful activity, e.g. under a civil law contract;
  • holding positions in management boards of Polish legal entities, even if the individuals concerned do not receive consideration in exchange or there is no formal contract between them and the entities concerned – in this case the sole act of appointment as member of the management board triggers the use of the work permit regulations.

The legal entities in question will mostly be commercial companies holding legal capacity, i.e. limited liability companies and joint-stock companies.

For more information on when the work permit is required, see next posts.

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