Work permits in Poland and the residency instruments

On January 28, 2011, in Work permits, by Kalina Jaroslawska

As I have written in my initial entry on work permits in Poland, whether or not a foreign national needs a work permit depends on the legal instrument he or she holds to legitimize the stay in Poland.

The idea is that with some residency instruments you are not required to obtain a work permit even if you do qualifying work.

Examples of these instruments include:

  • a settlement permit;
  • a European Communities long-term residency permit;
  • some instruments based of the refugee or asylum status.
  • temporary residency permit issued to a spouse of a Polish citizen in connection with the matrimony.

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2 Responses to Work permits in Poland and the residency instruments

  1. To obtain a Work Permit, in Hong Kong is the most difficult endeavour in all the visa processes. Here the applicant has to show that whether he is in a position to offer a significant contribution towards the economy of Hong Kong. A business in Hong Kong can’t be joined, unless you obtain the recognition of the Immigration Department of the city. Also, the Immigration Division will determine the kind of commercial means that are at play.

    • Kalina Jaroslawska says:

      Thank you for your comment. In Poland it’s not as difficult as it used to be but still there is much paperwork to do so it’s recommendable to hire a specialized firm to do the formalities for you, i.e. the employer, because it’s the employer who applies for the work permit.

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