Polish visas for foreign nationals

On February 3, 2011, in Immigration, by Kalina Jaroslawska

Foreign nationals other than EU or EEA nationals may stay in Poland for purposes of employment under a set of legal instruments. One of them is a visa.

A visa may be issued as a Schengen visa or an internal visa.

The Schengen visa is closely connected to the concept of the Schengen area. It allows entry and free movement, for purposes of employment, in all 25 member states that have implemented the Schengen Agreement of 1985.

The internal visa is limited only to Poland. A foreign national holding an internal visa may enter and stay in Poland continuously or for several repeated periods, cumulatively longer than 3 months. An internal visa is valid for 1 year.

Both visas may be issued on the foreign national presenting a valid work permit or – if the work permit is not required – an employer’s promise of employment. Visas are issued for a period indicated in the work permit or the promise of employment, though not longer than the maximum period for each type of visa.

Both visas are issued by a Polish consul abroad. An internal employment visa needs to be issued by a Polish consul of the foreign national’s state of permanent residency. However, a foreign national staying in an EU or EEA member state or Switzerland may apply for an internal employment visa to a Polish consul in that state.

A foreign national in need to renew his or her Schengen or internal visa must apply for renewal at least 3 days before the end of the period of stay indicated in the visa, otherwise the application will be left unresolved. Renewal of both visas is granted by the relevant provincial governor.

See next posts for information on other residency instruments.

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2 Responses to Polish visas for foreign nationals

  1. Zac says:

    I am Syria, and I will work for a polish company in poland, Do i need to get my work visa at polish embassy in Syria, or do the company has to apply or work visa for me in poland, your replay kindly appreciated

    • Your future employer in Poland must first apply for a work permit for you, and then, with the work permit already there, you should apply for a visa with the right to work with the local Polish consul (or the consular division of the local Polish embassy) in your country of residence. In practice, employers usually hire professional firms to help them obtain the work permit for their prospective employee.

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