Settlement permits in Poland

On February 9, 2011, in Immigration, by Kalina Jaroslawska

If you want to stay in Poland for longer, without limits on time, there are two legal instruments available:

  • the settlement permit and
  • the European Communities long-term residency permit.

These two instruments differ as to the conditions precedent to be met by the applicant.

The settlement permit is granted to a foreign national who, inter alia:

  • is a minor child of a foreign national who has been issued the settlement permit, provided that that child was born in Poland or
  • has been married to a Polish citizen for at least 3 years prior to filing for the settlement permit and directly before such filing has been staying in Poland for at least 2 years under the temporary residency permit or
  • is a child of a Polish citizen and remains under his or her parental care.

The settlement permit is granted for an indefinite period of time on the foreign national’s application. The application must be made during the foreigner’s legal stay in Poland, otherwise it will be left unresolved.

The settlement permit is issued by the provincial governor where the foreign national is staying.

A foreign national holding the settlement permit is issued a residency card valid for 10 years. The residency card entitles the foreign national to cross Polish borders without the need of a visa.

As I have written in Work permits in Poland and the residency instruments, foreign nationals holding the settlement permit are not required to obtain the work permit if they wish to undertake employment in Poland.

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