Maternity leave – for how long?

On August 27, 2012, in Parental rights, Working Time and Leave, by Kalina Jaroslawska

European labour law legislations provide for different schemes of maternity leave for young mothers. Some are longer, some are shorter, there are also discrepancies as far as social benefits during that are concerned.

In Poland the duration of maternity leave depends on the number of children born at one time and equals:

  • 20 weeks when one child is born,
  • 31 weeks when twins are born,
  • 33 weeks when triplets are born,
  • 35 weeks when quadruplets are born,
  • 37 weeks when five or more children are born at one time.

At least 2 weeks of maternity leave may be used before birth.

On top of that, after the basic leave entitlement has been used up, a young mother is entitled to additional maternity leave of 4 weeks (in case of birth of one child) or 6 weeks (in case of birth of more than one child). These additional entitlements will be increased to 6 and 8 weeks respectively, beginning January 2014.

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