Work on Sundays and national holidays in Poland

In a series of entries about working time we have already covered:

One important issue left is work on Sundays and national holidays.

Sundays are obvious. But what are national holidays?

National holidays in Poland are determined in a statute. There are 13 days counted as national holidays in a year, which is actually much more than in many European countries.  Just as many Polish employees work overtime, they also love time off during holidays.

Sundays and national holidays are days off work and basically work during those days is prohibited. However, there is an extensive list of exceptions, such as shopping malls (but they should closed on national holidays), search and rescue actions, restaurants, hotels, transportation, hospitals.

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An employee who works under a particular working time schedule, referred to as the weekend working time schedule, may also work on Sundays and national holidays. Such an employee may work as long as 12 hours a day (i.e. 4 hours longer than the standard working time scheme).

Work on Sundays and national holidays is rewarded primarily by a day off in lieu. When this is not possible, an employee is entitled to an additional pay premium in the same amount as for overtime work.

An employee working on Sundays on a regular basis should have a Sunday off once in every 4 weeks.

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